Winners 2022!

Congratulalations all winners!

Best short national (BE)

You will be taken care of - Director Rooze


Best short documentary worldwide

MOTHER'S - Director Hippolyte Leibovici


Best full length documentary worldwide

Built lands – Director Arturo Dueñas Herrero   


Best short documentary worldwide

My journey to the Everest. Director - Hernán Leal , Thomas Hardy


Best feature film international

Who are we? - Director A.Hassan Keivan


Best animated short worldwide

The Better Angels - Director Michael Cusack


Best music videoclip worldwide

THAT CIRCLE – Director Thomas Perathoner


Best international short film

Conversations with my mother - Director Istvan

Winners edition 9

Winner international

Blue Hour

Director: Sam Ip Siu Chung
Country: Hong Kong

11th June, 2019, Hong Kong:
A food delivery driver’s first night on the job.
Kaho faced with an unfamiliar interface, his 11 year-old son Sixo takes the lead.
One motorcycle and two food deliverers, mission complete. At the end, father and son meet again to a sky ready for a new day, as they brave their next destination on the highway.

Winner national


Director: Aline Magrez

Country: Belgium

From her train window, Sarah watches a man standing on an empty and strange platform. She hopes to see his face to no avail. Then, watching again and again through her microscope, she dives into the purple cells shaking on her hematology strip. These cells bring her to this train, her inner world, where she can hear. Because Sarah is deaf. But Sarah is about to have surgery. For the first time, she will be able to hear what the real world sounds like.

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A national and international winner!