First Selection 2nd Edition


''Uhm how to say''

Director: Michele Grimaud



Director: Nicole Watson


''The Penis''

Director: Audrey Noone


''The Eve''

Director: Luca Machnich



Director: Shira Meishar


''One Night Love''

Director: Wiebe van den Ende



Director: Wiebe van den Ende



Director: Andrzej Cichocki


''Mira Dream''

Director: Billy Glew


''Like Lightning from Heaven''

Director: Laura Carnet


''Madame de Berry''

Director: Kim Schonewille



Director: Mayur Karthik


''Crime Confidential''

Director: Julian Lim


''Climbing the Ladder''

Director: Karin Slater


''Speechless in Japan''

Director: Weronika Mliczewska


''Unwearable Functional: Akinetic Mutism''

Director: Heejoo Kim


''New Dawn''

Director: Adrian Rodriguez


''Walnuts ''

Director: Ferenc Rákóczy


''in her hands''

Director: Ferenc Rákóczy


''No Way''

Director: Marco Recalchi



Director: James Murray



Dirctor: Alberto Martín-Aragón


''The Adulterous Woman''

Director: Ivan Chardakov



Director: Khosrou Mahmoudi


''The Expedition''

Director: Damon Mohl


''The Last Call''

Director: gordon woodside


''First Encounter''

Director: gordon woodsid


''The Traveler''

Director: Franklin Henriksen


''83 days''

Director: Debashis Moitra


''The return''

Director: Hamid reza mazrae khatiri


''Right Here or Over There''

Director: Mabille Pauline



Director: Adeline Keunebrock



Director: Pooya Misaghi


''Technically Sweet''

Director: Boris Stout



Director: Gung-Kai Koo



Director: martina bramkamp



Director: Bruno PÉRUCH



Director: Anthony Richards


''Going the Distance''

Director: HAO DONG


''The Call''

Director: Ethan Jahan


''Lion Dance''

Director: Tim Pattinson



''The Big Clawed Monster''

Director: julia vellutini



Director: Drugeon Fabien



Director: Kamen Sway


''Secuestro Express''

Director: Jaime Khelout


''The Dilemma of Cain''

Director: Hasan Sezgin


''The Dance''

Director: Roman Grishin


''I Want To Marry Barack Obama''

Director: Saby Mondal


''Eat me!''

Director: Ilina Perianova


''lunch break around a small lake in a big city''

Director: Sameh hamdy Bahloul Khalil


''Just a place in the sun''

Director: Andrea Gandini


''Arrival to earth''

Director: nattapong chankwang


''The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam''

Director: Arlene Bogna



Director: Oğuz Anbarlı


''Magnétisme animal''

Director: Ksenia Ratushnaya


''Swing Syndrome''

Director: Naz Önen


''La vie d'un clown''

Director: Vira Burmenko


"Road Kill"

Director: Campbell Dalglish


''The Singing Bones''

Director: Danishka Esterhazy


''"The Dolphin Skin City"

Director: Pierre GAFFIé


''Hope Dead End''

Director: Homayoun Sheikhi



Director: Noriel M. Jarito


''Bedsheets & Cigarettes''

Director: Alan Mehanna

























''Charlie & Poppy''

Director: Jennifer Potts


''True Barbarian''

Director: Eliza Doyle


''The Pickle''

Director: Kyle Kleinecke



Director: Jordan Handford


''At The Border''

Director: laurent rouy


''Workshop for Peace''

Director: Gabriel Dettre



Director: Elliot Manarin


''Thirst for Fury

Director: Wiebe van den Ende


''Forest Dream''

Director: Billy Glew



Director: Brandon Polanco


''2:22 a.m.''

Director: Diego Recalde Martinez



Director: Arunkumar Ganesan





''M G ROAD''

Director: Rakesh Salunkhe


''Nocturnal Butterfly''

Director: Annika Dahlsten


''The Pigeon''

Director: Anna Smirnova


''The Good Son''

Director: Tomisin Adepeju



Director: Tomisin Adepeju



Director: monteith


''Me, Baby and the Alligator''

Director: Jean Faucher



Director: Enrique Buleo


''Kayayo, the living shopping baskets''

Director: Mari Bakke Riise



Director: Nadim Iqbal


''A Thing is Wonderful Simply if its Cause is Unknown Simply: A reVisionary Tale ''

Director: James A Cook


''Corona-Birth of an Old Man (After Hemingway)''

Director: James Anthony Cook


''Señor Log Pillow''

Director: Michael Serna



Director: Karen Veninga-Zaricor


''Bullet Vein''

Director: Euro Hangebruch



Director: Rahma Al Barwani



Director: Paul Decu


''The ABC Conjecture''

Director: Brian Philip Katz



Director: Manuel Schuepfer


''Big Man''

Director: Michelle Stewart


''swings & roundabouts''

Director: Peter Mckeirnon



Director: Konstantinos Tsiodoulos



Director: Jake Hunsicker


''After Today''

Director: Lily Connor-Patrick


''Raw Almonds''

Director: Pedro Valdeolmillos



Director: Fanis Topsachalidis



Director: Glen MacKay


''Twin Stars''

Director: Mehmet Tığlı


''Writings On The Edge''

Director: Bernard Candey


''Interview with the bridal couple''

Director: Svetlana Schotte



''Low Season''

Director: Jonathan Johnson



Director: Andry Verga


''30 Minutes Before Sunrise''

Director: Janelle Vaughn Dowell


''Autumn Moon''

Director: Richard Thornéus



''Berlin Tableau. Günter Steinmeyer bemoans 100 friendly places''

Director: Thomas Schumacher



Director: mickael cohen


''The Imperfectionist'

Director: Tamal Choudhury



''A man in a flower pot''

Director: Olivier Duchene


''Fat Bald with Mustache''

Director: Mohsen Najafi Mehri



Director: James Bowers and Mary-Laine Friday


''The Kneeling Man''

Director: Michael Jay Tucker



Director: Marius Conrotto Diaz


''In & Above Her Heart''

Director: Akshay K. Joshi



Director: Helena Karadimos


''Your Secret'

Director: Anthony James Faure


''The Breakdown (La Panne)''

Director: Anthony James Faure


''Running Under Bridges''

Director: Jo Ganter


''Istoria Lumina''

Director: François Barbier