First Selection 1st Edition



Director: Alberto Martín-Aragón


''Six and a Half Kitchens''

Director: Leo Merkel


''The Chair''

Director: Mike Ritchie


''The Mandarin Garden''

Director: Joe Chang


''Something To Save You''

Director: Vis Vitalis


''another day in paradise''

Director: bellopropello



Director: Anja Strelec, Tomislava Jukic




''In Search of New Lands''

Director: Ryan Bertsche



Director: Alexandru Ranta



Director: David Gilbank


''The Living Forest''

Director: Alex Afshar


''The Weekend ''

Director: Dennis Cahlo





''What The Doctor Ordered''

Director: Yvonne LaBarge



Director: Catherine Gubernick


''The Lingerer''

Director: Hernan Caraballo


''The Muse, the Oracle, And baby J''

Director: Hernan Caraballo



''A Movie Set''

Director: Eduardo Rufeisen



Director: Sebastien De Buijl


''Speed Dating''

Director: Heather Nicole



Director: Pedro Jaén R.




Director: Tahseen M. Muhaisen


''Laika Stardust''

Director: Antonin Bobò


''Pedro Cano - Travel Notebooks''

Director: Alfonso Burgos Risco


''Bedtime Story''

Director: Dazhi Huang



Director: Pedro Carmo



Director: Matt White



Director: Philipp Ramspeck


''Coming Back''

Director: Mara Pescio




Director: Aleksandra Panisko


''Judith's wood''

Director: Laura Gasperi


''The Landlady''

Director: Heidi O'Loughlin


''Blind Eyes''

Director: Yifan Hu



Director: Scott Simonsen


''My Baby Shot Me Down''

Director: Daniella Daemy


''my last concert''

Director: Selcuk Cara (BVR)


''The Journey''

Director: puthima wongdeeprasith


''A Dream Retrieval Ritual (2014)''

Director: Reed Means


''Of Man & Machine''

Director: Jiri Bakala



Director: Jörn Knost



Director: Marrie Lee


''Tick Tock''

Director: Kelsy Gossett


''Ictus Rhapsody''




Director: Heather Nicole


''Nate from Lowell, MA''

Director: LinDa Saphan



Director: Manan Singh Katohora



Director: Vania Jekova


''Miss Attinghausen''

Director: Vasco Estermann and Mauro Schweizer


''To become a priest''

Director: Karl Sterner


''Two For the Show''

Director: Michael McCallum


''The David Labkovski Project: Documenting History Through Art''

Director: Carole Eglash-Kosoff


''Welcome to the theater company (3 storys)''

Director: Kaihei



Director: Dimitris Katsimiris


''A Matter of Principle''

Director: Roger Barker



Director: Crazy Dee



Director: Mohammed(Hama) Qader


''Come Dawn''

Director: Darius L. Galden



Director: Nadine Knobloch


''Step Forward''

Director: Sanzhar Bekzhanov



Director: Jesper Emborg









Director: AMIN ELHAG


''ABC- A Short Film ''

Director: Madan RamVenkatesh


''Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition''

Director: Christoph von Toggenburg


''Stille Vann''

Director: Wirtz, Annette


''Essence - Living in balance''

Director: Herman Marynissen


''Tears of Harmony''

Director: Farookh Naghdipou


''After 1437 Years. ''

Director: Tania Raouf


''Come what may''

Director: Lara Jouaux



Director: Mathieu Rivolier



Director: Rolf Lindblom



Director: Alexis Chaviaras


''HOBLIO - The Path to Freedom''

Director: Piero Tonin


''A Space In Time''



''A Tale with Christ and Jesus''

Director: Oldren Romero



Director: Nina Schiena



Director: Giorgos Efthimiou


''Acarus Dumdell Reality or Fiction ?''

Director: Alessandro Cassa



Director: Pedram Tajik



Director: Nicolas KHAMSOPHA


''The girl with the flute''

Director: Grohmann, Dieter Michael



''The Case of Magnolia Dew''

Director: George Mirabal



Director: Celina Font



Director: Leendert Roosenbrand


''Out Of The Red''

Director: Zoe d'Amaro



Director: Faustino Alanís


''All the other things''

Director: Egor Chichkanov




Director: Meredith Yinger



Director: Marrie Lee


''My Life I Don't Want''

Director: Nyan Kyal Say



Director: Dana Shihadah


''She Loves Me...She Loves Me Not?''

Director: Heather Nicole


''Bern Harbor''

Director: Azad Süsem



Director: Chris Moraitis



Director: Igor Sadovski


''White Shoe''

Director: Victor Amaro


''Time Portal Glory Hole''

Director: Jason Petrovitch


''Asylum At Blackthorn''

Director: Tony Chris Kazoleas


''Who Knocks?''

Director: Heather Nicole



Director: Kelly Stoker



Director: Steve French



Director: Otalia Causse


''The big dipper''

Director: Alexandre Boutin


''The Fields''

Director: Heather Nicole


''Guardian Angel''

Director: Amy Telford


''No End''

Director: Josephine Massarella



Director: rick niebe


''Just Like A Human''

Director: Jake Hunsicker



Director: Monique Romeiko



Director: Scott Portingale



Director: oana Sotomayor



Director: Paco Arasanz


''They Will All Die in Space''

Director: Javier Chillon



Director: Carter Ferguson


''Who Lives There?''

Director: Luc Sirois


''Deep into Sleep''

Director: Virgile Novarina


''Virgile Sleeps, 6 sketches for a film''

Director: Jean Seban


''January, an Invention of the year 2016''

Director: Jean Seban


''The Other Place''

Director: Mareike Engelhardt


''Project Freeplay''

Director: Michael B. Mullins


''Open Mic''

Director: Simon O'Neill